Oakley - Swimwear - Shipshape Bottom - Lychee

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Oakley - Swimwear - Shipshape Bottom - Lychee

Stunning nylon bikini with a must have design for the beach! Comfortable stretch fabric with a mid coverage design for an extra touch of glamour. This is also reversible, has a tie side and a charm. 78% Nylon 22% Nylon

Full_merchant_price: 14.95

brand: Oakley

size: Large|Medium|Small|XS

gender: Girls

Colour: Lychee

image_thumbnail_url: http://www.rivetonline.co.uk/prodimg/4083_1_Thumb.jpg

delivery_cost: 3.00

delivery_period: 1 working day

Price this gift - 14.95 GBP

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